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May 2016

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dean blood throat

S7 Finale Meme Masterlist

36. Prompt (mad_server): Purgatory is actually another planet, in the future. Serenity lands there and finds Dean. They take him in and give him a good looking-over/nourishing/loving at their happy candlelit dinner table. He's been in purgatory for long enough that he's pale and dizzy and sick. And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long, Long Time by prufrock_26.

35. Prompt (mad_server): Dean gets back from purgatory all muddy and ragged and sick and hurt. Sam is SO RELIEVED TO SEE HIM. He's the best and most wonderful caretaker ever and there are hugs and storybooks and maybe Sam plays the banjo for him and it's amazing, and when Dean recovers he's like, this more nuzzly, huggy version of himself, in a good way. Untitled by rbmi_fan.

34. Prompt (mad_server): Sam and (for some reason) Crowley team up and delve into purgatory together. They find Deanerooney in rough shape, with Cas protecting him. Crowley zips them all home and then he and Cas and Sam all somehow, together, improbably, take care of Dean together, who is feverish BTW and maybe suffering other mysterious ill effects or injuries, which Crowley and Cas know more about than Sam and Sam is like WHAT WHAT TELL ME. Siphon by rbmi_fan.

33. Prompt (anon): After Purgataory, Dean deals with touch starvation. It's embarrassing to him, but it helps him to have Sam touch him as much as possible. Arrival (follow-up to The When) by marieincolour.

32. Prompt (juppschmitz): I would love me a fic where Castiel is actually hurt/in need of care. BUT: I don't want his hurt to be the focus of the story (well, duh!) but I'd like it if we saw Dean worrying, trying to comfort Cas, trying to help him. There would ideally be a lot of Dean guilt - especially taking into account what Hester said, and what Dean figured out himself about angels breaking if they start to care. (Full prompt here) Heaven Doesn't Want Me by stainedhart.

31. Prompt (i_speak_tongue): Sam CARRIES Dean out of Purgatory. The When by marieincolour.

30. Prompt (skiing_pelican): Purgatory is Gabriel's new playground. And when Gabe is around, what happens? Awesome funny cracky shit. I can't keep the mental picture out of my head that Dean and Cas and all the monsters we know have to dance and sing in what seems to be a particulary weird broadway musical and everything is laugther, stagelights and singing to the good times of live. Cue Dean totaly like WTF??? And a lot of bees and monkey references. Sillyness rulz, but a lot of dark humor would be awesome too! Gabriel only thinks he's in charge by lilithrain. WIP, Dean/Castiel, Balthazar/OFC, NC-17

29. Prompt (geckoholic): Suicidal!Dean. After having been to hell and purgatory and fighting nonstop for so long with no lasting success, Dean just want's it to STOP. Your choice if Sam can get him off the proverbial ledge, what else might (still) be wrong with him and whether or not he succeeds. Death-fic would be fine with me, by the way. Untitled by marieincolour.

28. Prompt (mad_server): Purgatory!Dean gets a concussion. Purgatory!Cas builds a fire and keeps him warm and safe. Bonus points if some kind of hellcat/purgatory panther/kitteh makes friends with them and licks concussiony Dean's face. Fauna and Flora by etoile_etiolee.

27. Prompt (anon): You can't die in purgatory, seeing as how you're already dead, but the problem with being human is that there isn't exactly anything to eat, either. Dead trees and grass? Dirt? Not much by way of nutrition, and Dean can't starve to death- It only feels like it. A lot. So while running from the monsters, it becomes apparent that the monsters are actually the only viable food source, if Dean and Cas can get them. But every time Dean needs to eat, he loses a little bit of his humanity- his appearance starts to change, maybe his voice gets growlier, etc. He's so freaked out by the changes and by the fact that some of the monsters were once human that most of the time, he refuses to eat. (Full prompt here) YAWYE by rokhal.

26.5. Bonus Prompt (mad_server): Dean + altitude sickness. BONUS AWESOMENESS by prufrock_26.

26. Prompt (anon): "I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground." - Howl by Florence + the Machine. Dean lost his shoes halfway through his time in Purgatory. He made it out and now he's leaving footprints down the hall. Pitter-Patter by prufrock_26.

25. Prompt (salacious_newt): Purgatory works in strange ways. Dean walks through an endless dark forest and finds the scene changing as he does; one moment he's alone in the woods, the next moment he finds himself as a teenager with John, or in Hell with Alistair, or as a child watching toddler!Sam sleep. It never lasts long, only a few moments, but each vision or whatever it is leaves him even more shaken. He isn't sure if there's some monster creep out there putting the voodoo on him or if this is just what happens in Purgatory, but either way, he doesn't like it and takes him off his guard when the real monsters show up. Climbing Up That Hill by judith_88_g. PG-13, Dean, John, gen

24. Prompt (elyssiel): Congratulations Castiel! You are now the lone Guardian of the most delicious thing in Purgatory. Dean more worried about Sam and getting back to him than his own health and safety. Lots of BAMF!Cas having to protect and rescue soft-weak-fragile-human-in-world-not-mea nt-for-humans Damsel!Dean, with Dean all 'Jeeze, Cas! Been hunter since I could aim a gun, I can take care of myself.' hard-headedness, that ends up with him injured of course, and with Cas' connection with Heaven diminished all the way out here in Purgatory he has only limited healing or has to fix him the human ways. (Full prompt here) My Darling from the Lions by queerly_it_is. WIP, Sam/Dean (eventual Sam/Dean/Cas)

23. Prompt (bellatemple): A human trapped in Hell eventually becomes a demon. So what happens to a human trapped in Purgatory? Gimme some monster-turning!Dean. Non-vampire, please, since we done seen that in canon. . . . Fading away by etoile_etiolee.

22. Prompt (rokhal): Sam's still at a loss for how to get Dean out of Purgatory, but he does find a ritual that will let him send things in. So he sends Dean grave goods -- weapons, vehicles, food, spell-books, post-cards -- maybe through a huge, Viking-funeral style bonfire. He has no way of hearing back from Dean or knowing if Dean actually gets anything he sends, but he still tries. Dean does get Sam's care packages and is very touched. And, frequently, frustrated and annoyed. (All these cans and no can opener???) Care Of by mad_server.

21. Prompt (anon): While in Purgatory, Dean has already been fooled too many times with fake Sam coming to rescue him, only to be led to tortures. When the real Sam finally comes to rescue him, Dean thinks it's another ploy to break him, another fake Sam. Weak and thin, Dean tries to fight Sam off, but in reality Sam has no difficulty trying to drag Dean to the door. Dean starts crying because he is not strong enough to fight him off, all the while begging not to be hurt again. And He Placed His Hand Where I Used to Be by lexophilia.

20. Prompt (anon): Sam raises Dean from purgatory and drags him to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately Dean's brain filter on monster talk seems to have been left behind in purgatory and he tells the hospital staff exactly how he got in the shape he's in and keeps asking for an angel named Cas. Void by honeylocusttree.

19. Prompt (roque_clasique): AU: The righteous mortal turned out to be Dean, and they took the bone from him. A big bone. (LOL). Pick a big bone, any bone. (Sorry.) Righteous Man by enkelior.

18. Prompt (roque_clasique): There is no booze in purgatory. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no booze in purgatory by verucasalt123.

17. Prompt (nwspaprtaxis): Something is chasing Dean and he runs... He's doing pretty well when he trips and breaks his leg in a certain weak spot (you know which one...) and there is no Cas and he's alone and wet and scared and has to do field first aid on himself (think trying to set it himself... maybe strapping splints made from branches to it). When Sam gets him out, it's healed all wrong and he can't even stand, let alone walk and he needs massive surgeries to re-rebreak it and set it and the drugs trap him in his dreams of Hell and, now, Purgatory and if it wasn't for the drugs he wouldn't be able to sleep at all.... Sam is awesome. Gen, please. Swing Low by roque_clasique. PG-13, Dean, Sam, Castiel, monsters

16. Prompt (drabblewriter): Dean (and Cas) spend a verrrry long time searching for a way out, being hunted, beat up, and generally traumatized. But by the time they're successful, hardly any time has passed back on Earth. Dean has a hard time healing and dealing with this. remember, who we are by skiing_pelican. Also check out its sequel, with the mouth of a goat.

15. Prompt (rbmi_fan): Sam and Dean called off the first attack because of multiple Dicks, yes. But also because Dean came down with a sudden migraine. Or, you know, some other ailment. (...) Sam got back to the car after dealing with Bobby and Dean was all hunched over the seat INSISTING that he was fine. Which, as Sam knew well, means that he was definitely not fine. And then there was Dean!comfort. Fine by mad_server. Shmoop warning, light Sam/Dean

14. Prompt (princess_aleera): I JUST WANT A LONG, ANGSTY CONVERSATION OKAY. Between Dean and Cas, seen from Dean's perspective, where he's torn between his sense of betrayal and the loyalty Cas has shown him. JUST PLEASE, CAN THEY TALK AND SHED MANLY TEARS AND THEN KISS. ;____________; Open Wounds by das_mervin. PG-13 to mild R for thematic elements and harsh language

13. Prompt (nwspaprtaxis): When Dean finally gets back to Sam, his inner thermostat is a mess. He's so used to the cold clamminess of Purgatory that anything over 30 or 40 makes him sweat bullets and is almost unbearable. In contrast, sometimes it'll be 80 and he can't stop shivering. Cue in Sam picking up that Dean's having a rough time of it and being all sweet and adapting without bringing attention to it. (Full prompt here) Happy Birthday NT! by mad_server.

12. Prompt (mad_server): Poor Deaniekins, when they burned the flask. Cas watched them. He saw Dean's wreckedness, and with the sandwiches etc, he's all about bringing comfort and peace lately. He does something to make Dean feel better. Slash or gen. Bonus points if Dean also has a fever and headache. Cas tries to comfort grieving, headachy!Dean by queerly_it_is.

11. Prompt (rainylemons): The trees can uproot themselves and move if they've a mind to. The ground whispers when he lays his head down. The scent of blood and musk constantly on the wind and he's either fresh meat for countless monsters that have only had each other to chew on for centuries or he's someone they want to kill personally. Dean runs. He hides. He makes Rambo traps out of nothing when the trees are so gracious to leave limbs behind and fashions himself what weapons he can. But, it's only a matter of time and he wonders if Cas will pop back in before he's a chew toy. Circumvent by salihe.

10. Prompt (mad_server): In purgatory, Cas digs a hole in the ground and Dean sleeps in it like a baby bunny. Burrowing In by anon.

9. Prompt (maypoles): Dean comes back from Purgatory with some kind of supernatural illness that involves a fever, because feverssss. <333 Sam feels his forehead a lot. This Time by etoile_etiolee.

8. Prompt (roque_clasique): You can't die in Purgatory, but neither can you heal -- so every injury Dean gets in Purgatory remains with him. When Sam finally saves him (because he willll), his brother is a mess of cuts and scrapes and broken bones, some of them quite terrible. Flesh on Bone by honeylocusttree. PG13, disturbing imagery, horror, gore

7. Prompt (etoile_etiolee): Does anyone remember Poltergeist's ending? When Carol Ann's mother went to get her on the other side and then she was all covered in... something slimy and they put her in a bath and cleaned her and everything? I want Sam to go and get Dean in purgatory that way and then he has to carry him and put him in a bath and clean him and comfort him. Follow You Into the Dark by queerly_it_is. Sam/Dean, light R

6. Prompt (pann_cake): Rain. It never stops raining. They are wet and cold and shivery and muddy. There is no shelter, no convenient caves or dry places to make a fire. They're stuck out in the rain and can't see for shit and monsters could be anywhere. Downpour by tattooeddevil.

5. Prompt (jennytork): The Righteous Man is Dean after all. They need a bone -- so Dean chooses the littlest bones in his body, not knowing what he's saying when he agrees to that. They take his earbones, rendering him deaf. feel the rhythm with your hands by pann_cake. PG-13, light Dean/Cas

4. Prompt (rainylemons): Purgatory is for monsters. There's nothing set in place for a human and Dean is starving. What edible flora he can find is few, far between. When Sam punches through the world to get to him, Dean - though whip fast and dangerous from being hyper-alert - is rail thin, jutting hip bones, green eyes huge in his face. Sam slowly reintroduces Dean, not just to food and the comfort of a constant meal, but to warmth again, human interaction again, safety and caring again. Gen, pls. Wild Thing by mad_server.

3. Prompt (mad_server): Cas and Dean stick together in purgatory and like, build some kind of shelter, and take turns watching while the other rests. Something about purgatory is making Dean gradually sicker. Stick Men and Angels by astarloa.

2. Prompt (rainylemons): Purgatory is a giant petri dish and Dean becomes seriously ill. Castiel's angel mojo doesn't cover healing in purgatory and there's certainly no 24hour pharmacy with antibiotics. All he can do is try to fight the fever, but Dean's so cold, he doesn't want to go into the river/be packed in snow. Please, Cas, please don't. As he gets worse, as the delirium sets in and Dean's in terrible agony - Castiel debates continuing to make him suffer or drawing him close and ending it. Because he's sure, well, 99% sure that Dean will just reset, much as he would in Heaven or Hell. Maybe 95% sure. 90%. He's absolutely 90% sure he'll be fine if he just dies. He'll wake up. Surely he will. C'mon, Dean. Wake up. Winter sun by seeing_ghosts. Dean and Castiel, gen, PG-13

1. Prompt (rainylemons): Dean's allergic to purgatory. Maybe it's the monster dander on the wind or the strangeness oozing out of the landscape (because, yeah, for me it's much stranger than the dark wood), regardless, he's sneezy, miserable, barely able to breathe and in dire need of stealth and the lung capacity for running. Lots and lots of running. Dean is allergic to Purgatory by queerly_it_is.


For more fanworks along these lines, check out purgatory_spn and hoodie_time.



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