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dean sniffles

May 2016

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dean faint

Bill Bryson on sick Dean (kinda)

From At Home:

Even more lethal and widely feared was yellow fever. A viral disease, it was called yellow fever because the skin of victims often turned sallow. The real symptoms, however, were high fever and black vomit. Yellow fever came into America aboard slave ships from Africa. The first case was in Barbados in 1647. It was a horrible disease. A doctor who got it said it felt "as if three or four hooks were fastened onto the globe of each eye and some person, standing behind me, was dragging them forcibly from their orbits back into the head."

Oh Deeeeean.

How would that have gone, do you think? If those had been amongst his symptoms in "Yellow Fever"? What awesomenesses would Sam have committed to make him feel better?

/shame at trivializing human suffering


You're such a sick puppy xD

Not as sick as Deeeeeeean.
*cackles* ♥♥♥♥
I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the black vomit!
/shame at trivializing human suffering


But in SPNworld it's so beautiful. *__*
I just googled SPNworld and I'm pretty sure all of these people are Leviathans.

BUT YES. Suffery Dean. So beautiful and so cathartic!
LOL omg, if I had a company I'd name it SPNworld, too. They absolutely are Leviathans. The first thing to pop up for me was this uber-smiley lady with SUCCESS!!!!!! blazing behind her.
Isn't she scary?

Nothing like a little trivialization of human suffering before breakfast....

Holy hell....I concur; those are without question Leviathans. (Which reminds me...while going through lists of university trustees at work the other day I found an individual who served as CEO/president/whatever for "Dick International, Inc." My job has never been so simultaneously terrifying and hilarious.)

In other news, I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who sees practical applications to fandom in otherwise unrelated and respectable literature. I would read fic of this with a vengeance.

Re: Nothing like a little trivialization of human suffering before breakfast....

You haven't had breakfast yet? Dude!

(LOL, Dick International! Stock up on Borax.)

Re: Nothing like a little trivialization of human suffering before breakfast....

My schedule, she is a mess...I spent all of April dreaming of a day when I could eat actual meals again rather than handfuls of foodstuffs at random times throughout the day. Come June, here I am still surviving on the odd muffin and granola bar. And alas, no borax!