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dean sniffles

May 2016

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dean faint

SPN Fic: Free Juice

Title: Free Juice
Author: mad_server
Rating: PG13
Characters: Sam, Dean
Pairing: Sam/cookies
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 400
Summary: Dean scores some free juice at a blood drive.
A/N: For prufrock_26 on her prompt.

"You see blood all the time," Sam says, his voice low and amused.

"This is different."

"How is this different?"

Dean fingers the edge of the glass plate of cookies on the table between them. They're crunchy cookies, cookies from a box. He spins the plate a quarter of a turn.

"You should have one of those," Sam says, shifting as a staff member with a lanyard of ID tags brushes past him. "You're still all..." He waves at his own face. "Zombie-ish."

Dean huffs. "I'll zombie you." He watches Sam hunt a cream-filled biscuit out of the pile and stuff it into his mouth. Sam chews noisily, exhales through his nose.

Dean rubs his chilly fingers together, tugs the edges of his dark blue fleecy blanket tighter around his shoulders. Sam frowns, concerned, and licks the corner of his lips. "All right, seriously. At least drink your juice."

Dean considers the grape drink box resting at his elbow, beside a sticky orange spot and a cluster of crumbs. He sighs and picks the plastic-wrapped straw off the container.

Sam fits two chocolate chip cookies into his mouth at the same time while Dean pokes the straw free of is crinkly sheath. He unbends its accordion curve and stabs the tube down through the box's tiny foil hole. Purple liquid rises up to color half the straw, then recedes.

Dean lifts his juice box in a toast as Sam licks the inside of a generic-brand Oreo. "To free medical supplies," he says, as Sam raises the bare shells of his cookie to reciprocate. Dean sucks up the sugary water, watching the container collapse in his hand. It bubbles and squeaks as he drains it, then expands partway again with a gurgle as he releases the straw from his mouth.

He stands, feeling light and receptive. "Ready?"

Sam slips six cookies into his pockets and gets up, shouldering their duffle.

"Feeling better?" a nurse asks, stepping away from her blood donor to check on Dean.

"Hunky dory," he smiles, taking a deep breath and letting it out.

"It must be terrible, with your sensitivity."

"Oh," he chuckles. "I'm sure I'll get used to it."

"He's very adaptable," Sam says, shifting his own ID lanyard to brush crumbs off his shirt.

"Well," the nurse says, glancing back at her station. "Good luck with the clinic."

Dean licks his grapey lips. "Who needs luck when there's free juice?"



Amusing idea that Dean would get woozy donating blood. Amazing detail in your descriptions!
I don't know what it is about woozy Dean! All I know is, I LOVE HIM.

I also love your compliment about the details!! Thank you so much. :)
Oh, Dean with a juice box, what a great visual!!!!
For real! That was some good idea-having on prufrock's part.

So many exclamation marks! I love them. *licks*
D'awww! I love Dean all pale and woozy with his blanket and his juice box. ♥
How is that man so cute? I don't understand.

Thank you for sharing the woozy Dean love! ♥ ♥
Awwww! :-) The visuals of that plastic straw sheath and the way the liquid rises in the straw when he sticks it in and the sounds it makes when it's being emptied and then it expands again... gah, brought me right back to school. I'd totally forgotten it all and there it was, exactly perfect and exactly the way it is, only better because it's not me but Dean. Awww.

I love what he'll go through for free medical supplies (the boys definitely need 'em). Clever! And Sam taking advantage of every cookie there. Heehee!
Yesss! I love when I read something that does that, like that brings to consciousness something I had only ever thought about in a circular or self-contained way. Something I didn't know I knew.

Super-gratifying! Thank you so much!! I wish you many pocketsful of cookies, and sneezy Dean to share them.
Awww, Dean's so cute with his juice. And Sam/Cookies, that's hilarious! :D
Sam and the cookies just kind of happened as I was writing! I was so amused. It's embarrassing.

Thanks for the kind words! :)
Awww, I just gave blood yesterday! What are the odds?

JJ, I can't say it enough! I love your pieces. Beautiful details.

<3 gum
Thank you! I'm actually not JJ, but I miss her and will totally take credit for her work. :D

Wow, that's so weird about the blood donor synchronicity! Did you get some good cookies?
Uggh. I'm so sorry!
I just followed an hyperlink and I totally know your LJ. Somehow I got confused. Silly me.

But then again. Same thing applies :-) I do love your stories just as much.

No cookies, though :-( only juice and sandwiches - oh damn!

We need to team up and get JJ to write us some nice fluff :-)
Aw thanks!! ♥ And YES. I could sooo go for some JJ fluff. I seriously have a folder on my Kindle that's just for her stuff. I think she's all with the Sam now though! Do you think there's a way we could persuade her to write another Dean ficlet?
I'm positive!
Great story, really entertaining!
Aw! Thank you muchly!
The pairing was enough to make me grin before I even got to the fic...
I liked the very visual writing style and am now stuck with the images of Dean sucking on this little straw and Sam munching through boxes and boxes of cookies
I loved the pairing tooooo. *builds a fort out of cookies for us to giggle in*

Thanks for leaving me such an awesome comment! Very visual? I'm totally flattered. ♥
Aww, that was awesome! So much detail in such a little fic! <3
And you're a lady who knows her details! Thank you so much. ♥ ♥
That was adorable! 1: I am madly in love with the idea of Dean giving blood now! There has to be more blood-donor!Dean fic immediately! (And I like how here it's a rouse to sneak in and get supplies) 2: The Juice box, and its details! 3. Sam stuffing his face for once! Awesome!
Oh bloodlossy Dean, why are you so good??

Thank you so much Tongue! I love that you picked up on the role reversal too, with the snack action. It took me a bit, when I was writing it, to figure out why I was so amused!
Heeh, adorable! :D
Thank you kindly, ma'am!

I am being a bad employee right now and so cannot tell you at length yet how awesome you are but for now please know that you are MY FAVORITE EVER, and that this is everything I wanted and more. (And is that *another* version I espy over yonder? *faints dead with happiness*)
*fans you with my snazzy sandalwood fan*


Yaaaaay!!! You've rocked my prompts SO HARD, I'm totally totally pleased that I could give you something back!
So, yes. Let me make a list of the things that I love you for right now:

- ID lanyards, cookies from a box, and Sam managing great feats of face-stuffing and licking out not-Oreo halves (I have long harbored a deep love for Sam eating like a teenage boy)
- Zombie-ish Dean with his blue fleecy blanket and chilly fingers and his TERRIBLE SENSITIVITY
- The accordion straw and the foil hole, and the noisy and unpredictable fluid mechanics of juice boxes (is it silly to appreciate accurate juice box descriptions so much? I don't care)
- "Hunky dory"

I also slightly adore the fact that they're giving blood (sneakily!). For, I dunno, Reasons. I didn't have any real scenario in mind for the juice box, but this one never occurred to me at all, and I love you for picking it.

*feeds you cookies and grape juice forever*
Hee hee, yes!! Just like a teenage boy. Well put, madam, well put.

You made me a list! :))) *rolls around in it*

Thank you so much, for the gratifyingly detailed observations and for the cookies and juice! *slurps happily*
Awww...that was cute. ☺
Thank you so much! I love that you commented.
I adore the idea of the boys donating blood. Part altruism, part "Dude, free food!" And wonderfully written, to boot.

(Edited to post in the right place. Where's my coffee?)
Your icon! I just went and looked at the bigger version. UNF. Dean's face is so perfectly DEAN.

Thanks for the awesome commenty action! I hope you found your coffee, hee. :)
I have found my coffee, iced and full of sugar. And thank you! :D Dean should wash his car on a regular basis. And get all wet, then start a fight with his brother, involving buckets of water and soapy sponges and...yeah.
I don't know how it is even possible but zombie-like Dean drinking juice is just ridiculously cute!
I love that it got to you when it seemed like it shouldn't have! Like the blood drive getting to Dean, mwahahaaa. ;)

Thank you so much!
loved it!

I gotta say... As much as I am a die hard hurt!Dean girl, your cookie-monster Sam is what really got to me this time.
Cookie Monster Sam!! Much like regular Sam, but with lots of fake blue fur. Hee! Thank you for that mental image. And for the hearts! Very awesome of you to comment.
<3333 So sweet!
Aw, such a big heart! Thank you so much! ♥