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SPN Vid: "What's the Attitude"

TITLE: What's the Attitude
SONG: "What's the Attitude" by Cut Chemist ft. Hymnal
CHARACTERS: Casifer, Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Rowena, Crowley, Castiel, Amara
SPOILERS: Through 11.18
SUMMARY: Castiel moved on to Sam when Dean was having a rough go of it with the Mark. Now Casifer is on the scene, stirring up hurt feelings and lust. What does Casifer mean to Dean?

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Hey ladies...

I'm not sure how much I'm going to be around this year - maybe a lot! - but if I'm scarce, I just want you guys to know that I wish you happy happy times. Fandom is such a cool place for tapping your creativity, exploring fantasies safely, and getting to know yourself. Thanks for all the lovin', respect, crit, enthusiasm and support over the years.

Photography school continues to rock, and I'm working a couple jobs and volunteering here and there. There were lots of theatre festivals this summer and also in the last couple weeks I've somehow managed to hug both Kevin Smith and Jill Hennessy. Happy times abound!

Go forth and rock those big beautiful imaginations, ladies. I hug you all with the warmth of a feverish Dean. <333
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Summery things that should happen to Dean


Maybe if we all make a pile of delicious prompts, we'll inspire each other to write things. Thiiinggsss.

1. He's all heatstroked and sick and Sam feeds him a fruit yogurt smoothie and it's all chilly and delicious and good for him and he's like I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE SAM I KNOW THIS IS HEALTH FOOD and Sam is like shhh, drink up sickie. Jamba Jerks by i_speak_tongue. MY HEART.

2. Sam cuddles him in a lake, in a fever-lowering-cool-swim situation. Dean cuddles back.

3. They find wild berries and Dean eats sooooo many and then he has the juice all over him and is too full and it hurts and Sam is like, hee hee hee, and rubs his belly. My gluttony is not a secret vice by queerly_it_is. BAHHHH HOW SO CUTE?

4. Dean gets a cold and Sam is like "How?" and there are absurd amounts of Kleenex. How? by tarotgal. THERE ARE SPELLED SNEEZES. *bites fist*

5. Dean breaks his leg doing something heroic that attracts attention and so people send him flowers, some of them potted, and then he has to sit around on his ass and he becomes really good at taking care of the flowers and then people see his collection and bring him more and it becomes this thing where he's all hurt but brilliant and intuitive with this beautiful giant collection of indoor plants and Sam is like LOOK AT YOU and Dean is like SHUT UP AND BRING ME MORE BEGONIAS. Daisies Running Riot by prufrock_26. GOOD LORD READ IT IT IS WONDERFUL.

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Bill Bryson on sick Dean (kinda)

From At Home:

Even more lethal and widely feared was yellow fever. A viral disease, it was called yellow fever because the skin of victims often turned sallow. The real symptoms, however, were high fever and black vomit. Yellow fever came into America aboard slave ships from Africa. The first case was in Barbados in 1647. It was a horrible disease. A doctor who got it said it felt "as if three or four hooks were fastened onto the globe of each eye and some person, standing behind me, was dragging them forcibly from their orbits back into the head."

Oh Deeeeean.

How would that have gone, do you think? If those had been amongst his symptoms in "Yellow Fever"? What awesomenesses would Sam have committed to make him feel better?

/shame at trivializing human suffering
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S7 Finale Meme!

I liked the finale! I liked it a lot. Collapse )

Let us go forth and explore.


1. This is a Dean h/c meme, so Dean needs to be on the receiving end of h/c somewhere in your prompt. Sam can have sad times too, but not to the point where they overshadow Dean's. The prompts should also relate to the S7 finale in some way. ETA: Sam girls, kate_mct is hosting a both-boys meme!

2. No spoilers please for episodes that haven't aired! I'm a giant spoilerphobe.

3. Comment on this post to make your prompt. You can make as many prompts as you want. One prompt per comment please.

4. When you fill a prompt, please reply to the prompt-comment and put "FILLED" in your subject line. (Yay, we have subject lines! Thanks to geckoholic, nwspaprtaxis and maypoles for the tech support!)

5. Multiple fills for a single prompt are more than OK!

6. There's no max/min length for a fic.

7. If you have a preference when it comes to gen/het/slash, please say so in your prompt. (If you fill a prompt for nwspaprtaxis, which you totally should because her birthday is this week, she always wants gen and always forgets to say!)

8. You can stick to Supernatural canon or you can go crack fic, crossover, AU, etc. - whatever makes you happy.

9. Art submissions are (extremely) allowed - manips, vids, sketches, paintings, picspams, etc.

10. Anonymous posting is enabled, so you don't need an LJ account to play, but due to past flamey badness, anonymous comments will be screened, so there'll be a bit of a delay between when you post an anonymous comment and when that comment becomes visible to everyone. Also you can totally log out of your LJ account to post incognito.

11. Feedback on the fics is extremely welcome! But please make sure any crit you leave is constructive. No flaming.

12. Feel free to pimp us out with that form up there.

13. If you have any questions, PM me.

14. Have fun! You have to. It's a rule.