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dean sniffles

May 2016

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Master Fic List. (Did somebody say "sick Dean"?)

My SPN Drabbles


Wild Thing. Dean comes back from purgatory skinny and skittish. Sam takes care of him. May '12.

Contagion. Dean can't catch a break. He can catch everything else though. May '12.

Trufax. High fevers are like truth serum for Dean. Sam goes after blackmail material and gets more than he bargained for. Apr '12.

Big Wheels Keep On Turning. During the Impala-less time, (preferably set sometime post 7x17) their car breaks down and they have to be a few states over ASAP. Cue a VERY LONG bus-trip during which a run-down Dean is coming down with something and also keeps trying to sneak sips of alcohol when no one’s looking. He gets steadily worse and more feverish and Sam gets steadily more worried along the way, making him wear extra layers and trying to feel his forehead and protecting him from the curious eyes of their fellow passengers and generally worrying about his headspace. Apr '12.

In Which Dean is an Easter Bunny. Dean is turned into an Easter bunny. Apr '12.

Purgatory Cold. One of the Leviathans catches a cold and sneezes on Dean. Dean ends up with the mutated cold from hell. Apr '12.

street's like a jungle. A curse turns Dean's body female. At first he thinks it's pretty awesome and he intends to take full advantage, what with going lingerie shopping and having ~lesbian sex and the like. Eventually some form of body horror catches up with him, though. Apr '12.

Treachery. The boys are hiking up a steep mountain and Dean's sneezing all over the place and kinda dizzy. When the path gets particularly treacherous, Sam makes Dean hold his hand. Mar '12.

Evasive Maneuvers. The one where Dean goes to interview a victim, and Sam has to come pick him up because he's a sicky, feverish, sneezy, fainting mess. Mar '12.

On Hand. In an attempt to keep police off their trail they decide to burn Dean's fingerprints off. Of course he happens to come down with a sneezy messy cold and needs Sam to take care of him (since his fingers are all sore and bandaged and unusable). Mar '12.

Snuggle Buddies. Dean is a chilly chilly man. Feb '12.

A Touch Of.... Something's wrong with Dean. Feb '12.

a long lowering of masks. Dean's back from hell and Sam's trying to figure out how to help him. Feb '12.

Love in the Time of Pneumonia. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Sam takes a very sick Dean to see Dr. Robert, the sketchy doctor who works above the Asian butcher shop. Jan '12.

Time Traveler's Flu (in which Dean Gets Cuddled by Sheriff Mills). Tag to 7.12. Time travel is hard on the system. Sam and Sheriff Mills impose some downtime on sickie-Dean, and reminisce. Jan '12.

Potshots. Sam and sneezy Dean spend the night in a hayloft. Jan '12.

Epic. Dean is epically sneezy. Dec '11.

Passages. Dean's been claustrophobic since he climbed out of the coffin, and this cold isn't helping. Dec '11.

Tribute. Sick Dean flies his geek flag. Nov '11.

The Bottomless Pockets Of Sam. Sam and sick Dean infiltrate a hospital. Nov '11.

Rip Van Winkle. Sleepy sleepy Dean. June '11.

Keeping Cool. Dean plus air equals frowny face. May '11.

Afterparty. Sam and Dean are late to the party, er, hunt. Dean's sick and hurt. Bobby/Ellen. Apr '11.

Prickly. Dean vs. sea urchin. Apr '11.

The Kissing Curve (the Delirium remix). There’s a ghost... and a fever... and a... what was the first thing? And a FEVER. Feb '11.

Thursday. Sam needs some gen Dean-cuddles post-Mystery Spot. Jan '11.

Dean Girl #1. Dean's sick and annoying. Sam calls Chuck and enlists the help of a Dean girl. Dec '10.

Through My Eyes (the Hell On Earth remix). After Andy sends Dean the vision in AHBL, it’s Dean who’s the clairvoyant one, not Sam. He gets a foretaste of hell and of what comes after. It doesn’t agree with him. Dec '10.

Gen sneezy Dean ficlets. Feverish tears and hetero Sam-cuddles. Sept '10.

Abominable, or, They Exist And They Love Each Other. Dean's coming down with something. There's a baddie and a cabin and some snow and a lot of Sam. Aug '10.

Bunny. Dean's a chronic fainter. Sam's overprotective. Apr '10.

Black White Red. Something's after Dean. Sick!Dean, gallant!Sam. Feb '10.

Canonized Bones. Sam and Dean track a ghost in Roswell, right after "Home." Dean's having a crummy time. Wobbly!headachy!bleeding!overmedicated!bruised!Dean, comforting!Sam. Jan '10.

Display. Ghost, funeral home, sick Dean, pissy Sam. Dec '09.

Elevator. Sick Dean gets stuck in an elevator with a doctor. Oct '09.

Hoodoo (Extended Remix). A hoodoo priest does some badness. Confusion abounds. Confusion and snuffly hypothermia. Aug '09.

Meat. The boys go up against a witch. Sam has a bad time. Remix of Soncnica's fic "Like Moths Upon Old Scarves." June '09.

Boogeyman. The boys go after a boogeyman. Delirious!Dean ensues. June '09.

Barn (Extended Remix). The boys are tired, and wounded, and sick, and coming off a hunt... and stumble into another one. May '09.

Repeatedly. Dean's "rehymenated" body doesn't have its immunities built up yet, so he gets sick over and over, causing Sam to frown and feel his forehead a lot. Apr '09.

Kelpie. The boys track a kelpie. Dean is sick and wears one of Sam's hoodies. Apr '09.

Under Pressure. The boys clean up after a hunt. Dean isn't feeling so hot. Mar '09.

Tangle. Dean's got a cold and a broken rib. Sam makes him soup. Nov '08.

Finger Trap. Dean is a bad, bad patient. Sept '08.

Altered. Sam's under a spell. When it wears off, he discovers Dean's shocky and hurt and hasn't been letting on. Jul '08.

The Weakest Link. It rains. Dean catches a cold. Sam doesn't. May '08.

Aftermath. Sam and Dean get an unpleasant surprise the morning after a hunt. Dean's not doing so hot. Apr '08.

Weryl. A hunt goes badly for Dean, who gets a shoulderful of poisonous, fever-inducing quills. Delirium ensues. But don't worry; Sam is there. Apr '08.

Manitou. The boys need Bobby's help with a manitou. Dean is just getting over the flu. Mar '08.

In The Forest. Dean is sick. Sam can tell. There's a monster in the forest. Jan-Feb '08.

Out Of There. Dean is sick coming off a hunt. Sam knows all the right moves. Nov '07.

Five times Dean has said 'I'm not sick' to Sam. You get the picture. Oct '07.


Layover. Shortly after 7.22, Sam takes some time out to look after Dean. May '12.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities. Hunting's a tough job. May '12.

Untitled. Dean is suuuuper kitteny weak from some kind of scary surgery he's had recently, and very soon after Sam brings him home he catches a cold and every time he sneezes it nearly knocks him over completely (oh, yeah, he also refuses to stay in bed). Of course, Sam is a crazy hovering grabby-handed fool. But Dean loves him anyway. Apr '12.

Dean and the Small Matter of Balance. Dean faints at the sight of blood. Sam’s like, What the fuck just happened? Provide reasons, or don’t. Either way, Sam is one part amused, two parts tender. Dean is mostly just indignant. And lightheaded. (And pretty.) Apr '12.

The System. Dean pretends he's pretending to have a cold, and Sam pretends he's pretending to worry. Mar '12.

Sounding. The world's a different place when your dad is dead. Mar '12.

The Gratuitous Cuddly Concussion Fic. Dean has a concussion, and is cuddly. Feb '12.

I Belong to that Band. After 7.02, Dean's sad and congested and can't sleep. Sam plays connect-the-dots with his freckles. Jan '12.

That Other Home. The car breaks down in a snowstorm and sick!Dean follows suit. Dec '11.

follow my number and slide into my hand. Sam and Dean... do... things... things which I will not specify for fear of spoilage. Low-key things. And Dean is sick. Tag to 6.20. May '11.

Pack Animal. Somebody's strayed from the pack. Somebody else won't let his pack go, even if it means hunting with the flu. Apr '11.

Consistent. Sam's a doctor. Sort of. Feb '11.

A tiny fic for laedieduske. Sam rubs Dean's sick tummy. Jan '11.

Tinker Tavern Road (the Good Vibrations remix). Sam takes Dean home from the hospital. Dec '10.

Mr. Sensitive. Dean's all feverish and chilly, but his skin hurts. To cuddle or not to cuddle, that is the question. Nov '10.

Doctor's Orders. Sam takes Dean to the doctor. Outsider POV. Nov '10.

Angel Ex Machina. A hunt in the rain leads to sick hypothermic Dean and team snuggles. Nov '10.

A Nose Knows. Dean gets cursed to sneeze every time Sam lies. Nov '10.

Dean Leaves His Mark On Sam And Arizona. It's a long drive and sick Dean's out of tissues. Slash. Oct '10.

"Tease," and Four More. Five slashy sickie-pie Dean ficlets featuring tender lovin' Sam or Cas. Oct '10.

Six more sneezy Dean ficlets. Snuggles, forehead feels, snark, smexing and lewd and unlikely analogies. Oct '10.

Slashy sneezy Dean ficlets. Some cuddles, some hurt!Dean and some smexing. Sept '10.

Unscripted. Jared/sick!Jensen. Somebody has a kink. Sept '10.

Sneezy Dean smexy-fics. Gen, Sam/sick!Dean and sick!Dean/Cas. Sept '10.

Curtain. Shmoopy domesticness where Sam takes care of Dean-with-a-cold. Sept '10.

Shield. Post-apocalypse Dean has a migraine. Post-apocalypse Sam takes care of him. Aug '10.

There Is No You (There Is Only Me). Dean does some thinking and some not feeling well. Concussion, angst, gratuitous head cold. Mar '10.

Lucky. Sam and Dean don't fit in at their high school. Pseudo-wincest. Feb '08.


I like him too. Alan Rickman, man. ♥