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dean sniffles

May 2016

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Again but with More Colds

So, it's been a year since Again but with Colds, the meme where we went to TOWN on Sam and Dean. SO MANY SNEEZES. It was glorious. We produced a hefty stack of fic, full of warm shmoopy goodness and hot sexy kinkiness and hilarious times. Awesome job, guys. :)

Ready to go again? This is another meme for generating fanworks around sneezy Sam, sneezy Dean, sneezy Cas, and other sneezy figures in the Supernatural universe. It stems from the sneeze kink community but it's not strictly a kink meme. If you just think Dean with a cold is cute, please come and play! There are so many angles to appreciate him from.


1. Comment to this post to make your prompt. You can make as many prompts as you want. One prompt per comment please.

2. Multiple responses to a prompt is more than OK.

3. There's no max/min length for a fic.

4. You can prompt for sneezy Dean/Jensen, sneezy Sam/Jared, sneezy Cas/Misha - anyone to do with Supernatural, actor or character. What we're mostly going for is sick sneezy characters, but if you want pukey-sick-but-not-sneezy, or sneezy-but-not-sick, totally prompt for that.

5. If you have a preference when it comes to gen/het/slash, please say so in your prompt.

6. You can stick to Supernatural canon or you can go crack fic, crossover, AU, etc. - whatever makes you happy.

7. Art submissions are (extremely) allowed - manips, vids, sketches, picspams, etc.

8. When you fill a prompt, please reply to the prompt-comment and put "FILLED" somewhere in the title line.

9. Anonymous posting is enabled, so you don't need an LJ account to play. Also you can totally log out of your LJ account to post incognito.

10. No spoilers please for episodes that haven't aired. I'm a giant spoilerphobe.

11. Feedback on the fics is extremely welcome! No flaming though.

12. Feel free to pimp us out with that form up there.

13. If you have any questions, PM me. Really do, because I want you to play, because then there will be more sneezy Dean in the world.

14. Spelled-out sneezes are love. It's a kink thing.

15. You guys rocked so hard last time. It was crazy. I know that's not a rule. Shh.



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Filled - The One Where Sam Is a Dexterous Ass But Not in a Weird Way

OP - I very much hope you like this cracky little attempt at a fill. If not, blame mad server. Her sneezy!Dean powers are such that I created an LJ just for this meme. /shame

“Do you think it’s because you’re so old?”

Dean glares at Sam around a face-full of tissues, then his eyes scrunch up and he jerks forward.


Sam holds out the wastepaper basket. Dean sinks the shot and slumps back against his pillow fort.

“I’m not being a jerk. I’m just saying, maybe you got sick because of your advanced age.”

Dean makes a rude hand gesture. Sam interprets it as “Keep it coming, asshole, you’ll get yours” and ploughs on bravely.

“Cause I was there the whole time, man, in the wind, and the cold. And yet here I am, picture of health.”

The two-day storm lashes miserably at the motel windows. Sam drags the curtain shut with his foot, marveling at his own dexterity.

“Didn’t even hafta leave your side,” he says, rearranging himself in a cross-legged position on Dean’s bed.

Dean rolls his eyes, then shivers weakly, looking pained. “Ahh, hhhh” – His shoulders furl; the pillow supporting his head slips free and Sam reaches over and replaces it just as Dean rocks back – “Khtch! Hhhh-khtch!”

“Easy,” says Sam. He plonks the box of tissues in Dean’s lap, and when Dean just sits there, blinking, hands cupped over his nose, yanks out a half dozen. “Blow,” he says sweetly.

Dean recovers enough to snatch the tissues out of Sam’s fingers. He dabs at his nostrils delicately.

Sam says, “Face it, dude, thirty is not the new twenty. ... Aw, hey.”

It’s the fever that’s making Dean’s eyes water, Sam’s sure of it. He palms his brother’s forehead. Dean lazily attempts to bite him.

“Relax, Cujo.”

Dean goes politely boneless. His face is a dusky sort of pink, eyelashes thick and dark. His clammy cheeks twitch and he pants a bit. Sam stuffs his hands with fresh tissues, pats his head kindly.

“Get some rest, kiddo.”
Can I have this one? Gee, I'm nervous. This is my first time filling a prompt and answering a meme challenge. What am I doing?! Oh well.
We can't have real ones. We're allergic to them too.


Ickydog here and I've totally got this finished and my internet went down. So hopefully I'll get it running later today and have this posted.

Re: Possible SPOILERS for 7.03

OMG your visual aid. ♥ ♥
I'll have to think of some good sickness for the boys!
Jared/Jensen. Jared gets what starts as a cold, all sneezy, feverish, headachy, coughing, and ends up puking from coughing so much. Jensen takes care of him. Wouldn't mind some cuddling thrown in.
Hee, kind of like how he was in "Two Minutes To Midnight," when it sounded like he was about to spew after ALL THAT COUGHING. Eeeeee -- yes. I wouldn't mind if someone wrote this, either ♥
Jared has severe allergies and one hot day on set he can't stop sneezing.

Can be either Jared/Jensen or gen I just want lots of sneezy Jared and comforting Jensen XD
Sam's allergic to the old dust and pollens that are in their motel room, well Dean tries his best to fix Sam all the remedies he knows Cas is sitting silently in the corner pondering on what he could do to help.

Cas POV!

Sneezy, puky, cracked rib Dean with comforting Sam :D

Dean is sick as a dog. Sneezing all over the place, puking at regular intervals, feverish and down right miserable. To top it all off, just 'cause he's a Winchester and his life isn't allowed to be easy, he cracked 3 ribs a few days ago so, sneezing, puking and shiver...yeah they all hurt like a bitch! Good thing he's got Sammy there to mop his brow and scoop him up off the bathroom floor when it all gets too much. :)

Gen or Slash I'm more than happy with either! :D
Sam and Dean have to side and hunt with Samuel per Crowley's request, the boys get split up and Sam has an asthma attack while in the dense forest with Samuel, try as he might he just doesn't know the boys well enough to know what's wrong so he call's Dean. Cue Dean being all bitchy and worried over the phone while trying to get to Sam.
Set in season 1.Gen. Sam and Dean are on a hunt and after an argument, Sam accidentally pushed Dean into a river. Dean, unable to swim because of dislocated shoulder (which he successfully hid from Sam) almost drowned. Sam saved him but Dean became hypothermic, sneezy, drowsy. No telephone coverage, no supplies, and Sam cant leave sick Dean alone to get help. Bonus marks for sharing body warmth and cuddling, and Sam singing to keep himself awake.
...unable to resist.... sneezy!Dean in sling.... ahhhhggg...
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