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dean sniffles

May 2016

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dean vision

S7 Finale Meme!

I liked the finale! I liked it a lot. Dean making inappropriate nun jokes! Cas and his baggie of honey! Bobby's farewell! The Impala stripteeeease! And then that tantalizing ending, with Dean in purgatory and Sam carefully not losing his shit.

I love Sam and I felt for him, and there's a ton of h/c potential for him in that episode of course, but I'm all about the Dean h/c, and so that's what this meme is about. And there are so many ways that Dean could need h/c in relation to purgatory! SO MANY WAYS. LET'S FIND THEM ALL. And what about his Bobby feelings? And look how Cas is there to love him up, but so is Sam, and so are Crowley and Meg and his baaaby.

Let us go forth and explore.


1. This is a Dean h/c meme, so Dean needs to be on the receiving end of h/c somewhere in your prompt. Sam can have sad times too, but not to the point where they overshadow Dean's. The prompts should also relate to the S7 finale in some way. ETA: Sam girls, kate_mct is hosting a both-boys meme!

2. No spoilers please for episodes that haven't aired! I'm a giant spoilerphobe.

3. Comment on this post to make your prompt. You can make as many prompts as you want. One prompt per comment please.

4. When you fill a prompt, please reply to the prompt-comment and put "FILLED" in your subject line. (Yay, we have subject lines! Thanks to geckoholic, nwspaprtaxis and maypoles for the tech support!)

5. Multiple fills for a single prompt are more than OK!

6. There's no max/min length for a fic.

7. If you have a preference when it comes to gen/het/slash, please say so in your prompt. (If you fill a prompt for nwspaprtaxis, which you totally should because her birthday is this week, she always wants gen and always forgets to say!)

8. You can stick to Supernatural canon or you can go crack fic, crossover, AU, etc. - whatever makes you happy.

9. Art submissions are (extremely) allowed - manips, vids, sketches, paintings, picspams, etc.

10. Anonymous posting is enabled, so you don't need an LJ account to play, but due to past flamey badness, anonymous comments will be screened, so there'll be a bit of a delay between when you post an anonymous comment and when that comment becomes visible to everyone. Also you can totally log out of your LJ account to post incognito.

11. Feedback on the fics is extremely welcome! But please make sure any crit you leave is constructive. No flaming.

12. Feel free to pimp us out with that form up there.

13. If you have any questions, PM me.

14. Have fun! You have to. It's a rule.



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I was hoping people would want to play! Now I love you lots toooooo.
I have not seen the episode yet but I am spoiled from here to purgatory, SO:

AU: The righteous mortal turned out to be Dean, and they took the bone from him. A big bone. (LOL). Pick a big bone, any bone. (Sorry.)
Hallo you!

Now I'm picturing a big soup pot with a Dean-bone in it. :)

*sits by and waits for tons of prompts to indulge in*
Welcome, welcome! *puts on some tea*
my very drunken response to this turning up on my flist...YUS
Hoooo, yus! ...That was on some Monty Python album... somewhere.

Drunken prompts! You know you wanna!
I bet the trip to purgatory upset Dean's stomach. I bet it diiiiiid.
Oh my god you're wonderful.

FILLED: Circumvent

This is so very different from my usual style. Hopefully I did justice to the prompt!


Thunder booms, murky black clouds spool across the sky, devour what dim light penetrates the atmosphere. Glance upward, sigh with the reprieve; it’s not the sulfuric haze that rains down acid from the skies.

Put on an extra burst of speed; the hoard is close behind.

Run faster.
They’re coming.

Cross the rancid stream. Turn north. Never go south; they’re waiting there, waiting with teeth and claws, stingers and venom, talons and fangs. Stomachs growl, jaws drip acid saliva, eyes burn with hunger. There’s fresh meat in the forest.


Twisting branches, carnivorous scrub, scrabble against exposed skin; tearing, rending, shredding. Break right, the ravine’s not far. Get to where the forest can’t follow.

Get to the ravine.

Find the marker. Twisted and decayed, looming from the fog across the chasm. Breath stutters, lungs gasp; dig for the last reserves of strength, pray to a God who’s no longer there, and jump.

Where is it?
Oh God!
Where is it?


Grasp the vine, swing across the abyss. Shoulders scream, hands strain, hold on. Just a little longer. Almost there. Wait. Wait.

Let go!

Hit the ground, roll with the momentum; limbs tangle, scrabble for purchase, seek solid ground.

Crash to a halt.
Can’t stop.
Where are they?

Look back. Don’t look. Have to look.

Growling, snarling, roaring; red eyes closing in. Muscles bunch, coil, launch into space. Getting closer, closer, too close! Claws scrabble, seek purchase, scrape, fumble, nothing.

Falling, dropping, snarling, screaming, crashing.


Sigh in relief, head bows toward the ground. Just a minute, take just a minute, a minute's too long.

Rustle behind, snap of a twig, presence encroaching. Grope for a weapon, any weapon, anything.

Hold steady.
Wait for an opening.

Spin around; prepare to strike, mouth snarling like a creature of the woods. Figure looms, eyes glow, fog swirls; shadows condense, a familiar visage, outspread wings.

Exhale. Sag to the ground. Tension bleeds away.

Voice like thunder breaks the stillness.

Hello Dean.

I love this trope, LOL, as you well know...

and YES. YES. Yes to it all.

By the time Sam gets Dean and Cas out of Purgatory (at some indeterminate future point) they're ragged, shredded, and quite, quite mad. Sam has a hard time getting through to his brother.

(Gen plz.)
Purgatory was made for souls. Dean's body doesn't cope well with the new environment and it starts to deteriorate...or something weird and terrible is happening to it. Death is not a possibility here so Dean has to adapt somehow.
Poor honey!
I agree!!! Please please please someone fill this!!!
After the season finale:

Dean burned the flask. Since he has nothing on him anymore and nothing is there in Purgatory he goes slowly but surely into withdrawal.
Whoops just prompted basically the same thing! By which I mean: SECONDED.
You're the most epic prompter.

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